Toshima Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Materials System Division
TOSHIMA Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Materials System Division
Toshima Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Materials System Division
Toshima Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Materials System Division

Company history

  • 1945May Ex-former President, Sokichi Kimoto established "Toshima Airplane Corporation" in Chihayacho, Toshima Ward, Tokyo. Started manufacturing loudspeaker's magnetic network parts (Loudspeaker's Yoke). Capital was $2,230
  • 1949October Company name was changed as "Toshima Manufacturing Corporation"
  • 1971March Established "Toshima Corporation" for manufacturing and selling its original products.
  • 1971Deccember Transferred headquater and a main factory to present location in Higashimatsuyama, Saitama.
  • 1982Novvember Former President Daisaku Kimoto. inaugurated
  • 1993April Built new factory in Higashimatsuyama
  • 1993September Materials system division is established
  • 1994September Increased equipment for making sputtering targets
  • 1998May Implemented sputtering machine
  • 1999April Established MOCVD Gr.
  • 2000July Obtained the ISO 9001 certification.
  • 2001December Increased capital to $912,350.
  • 2005January Increased capital to $1,193,202.
  • 2005October Certified KES STEP2 environmental management system.
  • 2011January President Kentaro Kimoto and Chairman Daisaku Kimoto inaugurated.
  • 2012September "TOSHIMA(THAILAND)CO., LTD." was established in Chonburi, Thailand.
  • 2016July Certified TS16949.
  • 2019December CEO Eiichi Arai inaugurated.

Our Mission

As an innovative material supplier, we are proud of the philosophy;

1.Be flexible to correspond to changes 2.Act quickly and efficiently based on the customer's view 3.Contribute to the quality improvement that brings the world's progress

Toshima Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Materials System Division contributes to the society through the material development matching the changing the world's needs.

Company summary

  • Company name:Toshima Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Headquarter's location:1414 Shimonomoto, Higashimatsuyama, Saitama 355-0036, Japan Site area 24,952m2 Building area 11,418m2
  • Division:【Parts Division】 TEL:0493-23-1213 URL:   【Materials System Division】 TEL:0493-24-6774 URL:
  • Subsidiary:TOSHIMA (THAILAND) CO., LTD.
  • Establishment:1945/05/15
  • Capital: 99 million JPY
  • The number of employee: 194 persons(Male : 155, Female : 39)
  • CEO:Eiichi Arai
  • Main business:【Parts Division】
     Cold-Forging + Pressing
    (Machining Cut + Assembly)
    【Materials System Division】
     Electronic material production
  • Bank: Towa Bank Higashimatsuyama Branch Japan Finance Corporation Saitaman Branch Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Kawagoe Branch

Headquarter Toshima Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.



By Train

From Ikebukuro station in Tokyo, use Tobu Tojo line. It takes about 55 minutes using express from Ikebukuro to Higashimatsuyama station. From the east exit of Higashimatsuyama station to Toshima it takes about 7 minutes by taxi.